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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by RDB, Oct 8, 2005.

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    RDB Junior Member

    Does anyone know where to find comparison charts on larger engines and prices? Engines like CAT 3406E & C18, MTU, MAN, VOLVO, in the 750-1000bhp range. Thanks
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    D'ARTOIS Senior Member

    As far as I know, such charts do not exist, neither you will find list prices of those engines. They do not exist. If you are a non-proffessional, it will be very difficult or you to obtain such prices without the cooperation of a shipyard.
    In fact, in these categories an engine is not a standard item, you have to answer a few questions according to required rating that stands in connection with the type and use of the vessel.
    There is a hefty competition between the big brands and therefore are the real prices not available unless you have a serious inquiry.

    The graphs of certain aspects of the engine in general, power, fuelconsumption, etc. are individually given by the manufacturers. The comparison you have to do yourself, and why not? Buy Jane's Propulsion Handbook and you have them all.
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    RANCHI OTTO Naval Architect

    Interesting web site, but only in italian, is
    Banche dati>motori marini
    Large data sheet with dimension, technical data and weight of all kind of engines.
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    thanks for the suggestions. I have done some comparisons but I thought somebody may have done a performance review and possibly some reliability info. Its the most expensive component going into any boat, stands to reason that their should be some reviews.
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    cyclops Senior Member

    Do you get the feeling you are going to do a lot of door to door asking at large yacht yards to get any meaningfull information. If you can gain access to the repair mechanics. Certainly no yacht owner is going to publicly state he has bad engines in his boat. Remember, if the screwup is big $$$$ enough, no one talks about it. You will learn more at cocktail parties over a few drinks.
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    The hardest thing to get any Mfg to part with is a "fuel map" .
    This looks like a series of clouds , smallest in the center with larger outlines arround the center one.

    The center "cloud" is the lowest fuel consumption and what HP /Rpm combinations do best, lowest fuel flow per hp.

    The next ring is next best ect.

    It is very helpfull in setting a non commercial cruising vessel up for distance work.

    Inshore the higher Fuel Flow of going fast can be used , but the KEY is getting near the bullseye for long range when selecting props and tank size.

    Closest to a fuel map is a BMEP chart.
    The usual handout HP / thoretical prop load graph is pretty useless.

    boatdiesel.com has limited info on smaller diesels .


  7. RDB
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    thanks, boatdiesel.com is the best site I've come across. I'll be sure to post any useful info I gather
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