Engine bearers too low

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by John Dickie, Aug 16, 2020.

  1. John Dickie
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    John Dickie Junior Member

    My engine bearers are about 50mm too low and 30mm too wide for the engine mounts(yanmar 30hp).My preferred solution would be a dense hardwood block 50 x 75 x 600 as a spacer bolted to each bearer. Would this be acceptable?
  2. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    I prefer plywood, because it doesn't split as easily.
  3. bajansailor
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    bajansailor Marine Surveyor

    I presume that the engine beds are in an aluminium or steel boat, as you posted in the metal boat building forum.
    Would it be feasible to weld on suitable brackets to the beds, instead of using timber or plywood spacers?
  4. waikikin
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    I'd be finding some unequal angle to pick up the height and width issue big flange down to pick up the inside of the beds and small flange in to pick up the width, or fabricate what you need out of flat, without more info a bit hard. If it's metal as bajan and your post indicates even a Z fabricated can pick up the old beds and put the material where you need it. If you used an Australian hardwood like spotted gum that scheme could be fine too.
  5. John Dickie
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    John Dickie Junior Member

    Thanks for the input everyone. Im loath to grind away 10 layers of paint in order to weld. I do have several dense timbers in the size required.

  6. missinginaction
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    missinginaction Senior Member

    I'm not informed on what materials are available in South Africa but regardless of hardness I'd be reluctant to use wood. I had an issue on a fiberglass restoration a few years back that was similar to yours today. I wanted to raise the front of a v-8 engine about 32 millimeters (1.25 inches here in the US). Since my engine beds were made of 3 inch aluminum angle (about 77 mm legs) I was able to order up a couple of 3 inch wide by 1.25 inch high by 10 inch aluminum blocks from a metals distributor. As you probably know aluminum is pretty easy to work with. I drilled out the blocks on a drill press for a couple of relatively small machine bolts in order to keep them stable on the aluminum angle engine beds. I then drilled them for the large engine mounting feet and through bolted everything using stainless steel bolts, nuts and thread locker. Have not had a bit of trouble with them in 7 years of use.

    BTW, every time I see someone from South Africa I think back to my youth when I was privileged to have spent an evening with Johny Clegg during one of his tours here. I understand that he passed away fairly recently. He was an amazing performer. I'll bet you miss him.
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