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    Good afternoon,

    As a developing consultancy, MBM are seeking people to apply for long term positions at our consultancy.
    All our projects require people from a various skill set adn to be adaptable to a variety of softwares.
    Thus, learnign and training is part of the daily working life at MBM.

    If you are interested for an immediate start , provide your cv, with your skills, desires, and your requested salary for living in the EU (Germany).
    The Office is English speaking, and German lessons can be arranged,

    applications to - mark@mbm-consultancy.com

    Managing Director
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    akrish naval architect

    Greetings mark
    I am very much interested to work for your organisation.
    I have sent my CV to your mail. Pl have a look at it.
    If you are satisfied with my profile and qualification contact me anytime.
    If I am selected i assure you that I will give my best to perform my duties.
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