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    New boat manufacturing company looking for experienced and hardworking manager for new production facility. Must have experience with building molds and maintanence of molds. Other responsibilities will include managing the workforce and their production, Assistence with new designs, creating a positive working atmosphere for all employees. Salaried position $50,000-$80,000 depending on experience and attitude. Also benefits including company stock with opportunity for part ownership after loyal work for our company. Please email me with responses so that I can provide more information and an address to which you can send your resume. If you know of someone that might be interested in this career opportunity please have them contact me.
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    Sorry I posted before I was finished. My email address is bopalmer30@aol.com. Please contact me if you are interested in this job or have more questions.

    thank you,

    Bo Palmer
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    My name is Adam Meshberg I am a recent graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design where I studied Architecture. I am very passionate and knowledgeable about the water and all aspects of naval design and construction. I am interested in learning more about your firm and the job position.

    Thank you,
    Adam Meshberg

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    Where will the facilitiy be?
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    I am naval architect and I and I would be interested in help you with your designs via internet or other form. Please email me for more details to sultanemanuel@yahoo.co.uk
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    Dear Sirs,

    I am Master Degree in Naval Architect and this position is exactly the kind of opportunity that I have been waiting for.
    For my a degree I have six- month work placement in Rouse-Shipyard. There I make various of ship design, hull form calculation and optimization, perform resistance and powering estimates, weight and moment calculations, stability analysis of revere ship for Bulk cargo and TEU. And three month work experience assigned to Constructor, in the same Company.
    I am eager to move into an company where I would have wider scope for my abilities and qualification and I wish to improve my career prospects. My English and German - working knowledge.Software: AUTOCAD, MathCAD, MS Office;others: AUTOSHIP, AUTOHYDRO, POSEIDON.
    To my regret in my country the Shipbuilding is very down from some years and for the young people is very difficult to find and apply job, so I thing you will understand my Interest in your company. I know that I have not enough years experience, but I am sure that my educational background qualifies me for a post.
    Nothing would interest me more than being involved in a new department and participating in its expansion. I am ambitious and hard working person so the long hours and high rewards are exactly what I am looking for.
    Enclosed is a copy of my resume, which more fully details my qualifications for the position.I am available at any time and look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

    Thank you for your consideration.
    Virginiya Kiryakova
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    Where is your manufacturing facility located?
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    Is this job posting from Ship2shore? Is it in Australia?
  10. Lamination Manager

    [James R. Berry
    208 Bent Pines CT.
    Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311

    Plant Manager (Partner) 10/2001 to 3/2003
    Managed all manufacturing and company issues. This included 30 employees and 2.5 million-year.
    Increase sales by 100% and established profitability.
    Converted shop from job shop to standard production facility including customers, Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Rayco, True Green and Grove.
    Lamination Manager 5/98 to 10/2001.
    Manage all open mold lamination fabrication, trim/prep and final finish detailing. Production
    includes 26 Models ranging from 21 to 50 ft. Responsibilities includes budgetary disciplines,
    personnel of 130, technical development, maintenance and operations control.
    Implemented ISO-9002 certification.
    Implemented various production improvements resulting in labor reduction of 5%, maintaining efficiency above 100%.
    Implemented vacuum bagging process improving boat performance.
    Developed and maintained a surface quality superior in the performance boat industry.
    Plant Manager 10/95 to 5/98:
    Managed all manufacturing activities for three plant locations. Products included type one steel pressure vessels; type 3 filament winded composite cylinders, injection molding and compression molding and various plastics and composite products and sub components. The latter locations service the safety, automotive and aerospace industries.
    Q3 Comdyne Cylinder Inc.- West Liberty, Ohio -(50 Employees) Class three composite cylinders and composite lay-up.
    Q3 Urbana, Ohio- (50 Employees) Steel Pressure brake tanks for the trucking industry.
    Q3 PRP-Urbana Ohio- (40 Employees) Plastic compression and injection fabrication for the automotive and aerospace industries.
    Annual sales volume of $20 million with a total work force of 140 employees. Budgetary and P/L responsibilities.
    Reached profitable levels for the first time in five- (5) year after acquisition.
    Implemented QS-9000 at all three plant locations.
    Plant Manager. 1/90 to 10/95:
    Managed daily activities for 110 employees in a composite aerospace operation. Budgetary responsibility for attaining cost and production goals. Restructured team work force to eliminate four supervisors, creating more efficient communication and lower cost.
    Implemented q computerized raw material inventory system which enables accurate inventory tracking and reduced raw material on hand by 35% increasing turn times.
    Implemented Kaizen work cell concept which enhanced production flow and operator owners ship.
    Developed and implemented formal policies and procedures covering all aspects of the operation that enhanced consistency and control in the plant.
    Production Manager, 6/87 to 1/90:
    Responsible for coordinating daily production scheduling and work flow throughout the plant. Maintained schedule linearity status during an increase of employment from 35 to 100 employees.
    Developed scheduling techniques and system to successfully manage growth in sales from $2.2 million to $10 million.
    Advanced Research Supervisor. 1/77 to 6/87:
    Responsible for supervising advanced research technicians in the development of super alloys. The team developed and patented 13-8Mo, which is used extensively in the aircraft industry.
    Developed and certified in conjunction with General Electric Aircraft Engines Inconel 718, which is used extensively in the production of aircraft engine components.
    Miami University- Major business. Attending Ohio State University.
    Formal training-Kaizen with General Electric Jet Engine division.
    Various management seminars in leadership and development, i.e.;
    Dale Carnegie
    QS-9000 implementation
    Brunswick Executive Leadership Training.
    Deming management seminar.
    Briggs and Myers self-assessment training.
    Reference upon request.
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    BOB KAEMPEN Junior Member

    response to employment opportunity

    Please E-mail mailing address so that I can foward my resume.

    Thanks Robert Kaempen crakempen@yahoo.com
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    BOB KAEMPEN Junior Member

    employment opportunity

    PLease e-mail mailing address so that I can send my resume

    Thanks Robert Kaempen (801) 296 2559 crkaempen@yahoo.com
  13. Micah Tucker

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    Mechanical Engineer, Yacht Designer

    My name is Micah Tucker, I am a graduate of Polytechnic University (Brooklyn, NY) with a degree in Mechanical Engineering (Aerospace Concentration). I am also a student of Westlawn in the Yacht Design program. ( I am about 1/4 done with the course). I have worked for M. Rosenblatt & Son, AMSEC LLC. (Largest Naval Architecture/Marine Engineering firm in the US) for the past 3 years.

    I am very interested in receiving more information about your company and the employment opportunities. If you have any questions or would like a resume, please email me at micah_tucker@hotmail.com

    Micah Tucker
  14. Employement

    I am a Naval Architecture and Marine Engineer. If you would like to see my resume please do not hesitate to contact with me.

    Mustafa Sargin
    e-mail: mussargin@yahoo.com

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    please make contact on luc@adriaenssen.com
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