Empirical vs Computational Resistance Prediction

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    hey folks,

    i've been developing some work for my naval engineering degree here in brazil, doing some comparison between the existant models of resistance prediction. i've been across some programs like Hullspeed and made some spreadsheets/matlab on some methods, but right now i'm more focused on writing some kind of analysis between them, like Almeter did on Resistance Prediction of Planing Hulls: State of the Art (Marine Tech., v30 n4) and a couple of researchers did in here (http://academic.amc.edu.au/~psahoo/Research/PAPER.pdf).

    the thing is i've come across a paper that i can't get to find, neither in libraries in here, nor in British Library (where my library could get it from).

    Royce, R.A. "A Comparison of Empirical Vs. Computational Planing Models", Small Craft Mar. Eng. R&P Symposium, Michigan, 1996

    i guess it's a sname paper, so i could probably get it directly from there. but i'd like to know, first, whether this is a good reference and if someone has used it already - especially, if someone could say if by "computational" it means CFD methods or regressions such as Radojcic's, and which methods the paper compares.


    - felipe.
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