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Discussion in 'Software' started by h_hadidi61, May 31, 2012.

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    I try modelling floating platforms in AQWA but i encountered by the error " THE RATIO OF THE AREAS OF ADJACENT ELEMENTS MUST BE LESS THAN 0.333 ELEMENT 2329 VIOLATES THIS CONDITION".
    I change the element size but it doesn't solve. I think if i change elements type to triangular, this problem will be solved.
    How can i solve this problem or change element type?
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    CWTeebs AnomalyGenerator

    Set "ignore modeling rule violations" in Analysis Settings.

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    Just add 'GOON' in the option card, e.g. :
    The solver will ignore the data check rule violations, the errors will be turned into warnings.

    The AQWA-line data check is a little bit strict, but please make sure your model is ok to perform the analysis and the errors won't affect the results considerably .

    good luck!!
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