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    I need to do the electricity arranegment of my new project boat. My lack of knowledge about electricuty being quite important, i am wondering if any good book or web site exists, and which one do you particulary recommend. My questions are not so far difficult but i guess it would be easier to find it, and get what i need in a book or a web site.
    diametre of the wires
    consumption of my electronic hardware (instruments, lights, computer...)
    how to calculate the size of my battery for 4 days of autonomy ...
    wires arrangement between all the components , panel, lights, batteries, engine...
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    Yes, maybe a webite is a good idea, but I don’t know of a comprehensive one.
    One book I found fairly good was: the 12 Volt Bible for Boats (published by Mc Graw Hill), and the other, and in my opinion better book, is by Payne: Marine electrics and electronics. If you are computer/Excel literate I may have some spreadsheets to help you calculate, battery storage, amp charge and amp using scenarios.
    The following (Australian) website shows an odd 40 books for sale on the subject of your interest:
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    I love wiring boats, in fact in all my boatbuilding this was the bit I enjoyed most
    take a look bep marine nz, google it
    You may consider one of their breaker board panels, send em an email they are very helpful

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    and very important to always use tinned wire
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