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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by gibtron02, Mar 30, 2010.

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    I need help choosing the proper electrical system for my homemade catamaran. I need to motors capable of at least 3000 RPMs. I'm not sure what size of voltage system i need, nor do I know what speed controllers, micro-controller, reciever, etc to choose?? Could use some serious guidance!

    Also, does anyone know if there are Kits out there that can be purchased that have the motors, speed controls, etc all in them. I need motors with a good amount of torque, and heavy duty speed controllers.

    Also, curious of an efficient means of cooling these motors.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!
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    Not sure if you are talking about main engines or gen set when you talk 3000rpm.

    There is now doubt a 1500rpm genset is more durable and trouble free however at higher weight.

    What size/weight/design is your cat??

    I have attached a thread well wort reading but someone who has just reffited the electrical system on his vessel. Using Vitron Quattro invertor/charger allows a smaller more efficient gen set to be installed.

    His system should be relevant for anv vessel over 40ft were a gen set will be used.

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    My cat is a 4ft RC boat... Maybe I'm in the wrong forum for RC?? Sorry if I am!

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    Go to this site and shop around:

    The cheapest way to get a full system is to buy a plastic boat on Ebay. You will get something that is fun with parts around the right size for about $50.

    The best motors are 3-phase synchronous with permanent magnets. You get little electronic controllers for them. If you have not seen this stuff before it will blow your mind what they do with the electronics these days.

    You will need a radio control. No need to pay more than about $35 for one. The receiver is tiny and powered from the controller or a little separate power supply if you get one of the really cheap controllers.

    The motors typically run harder than 3000rpm. You will see they refer to Kv. This is the number of rpm per volt. The motors around $25 will be more than 500Kv. So this would only need 6V to do 3000rpm.

    The lithium batteries are very light and powerful. If you get lithium you will also need a charger for it.

    This video clip shows a bigger boat being powered with 40mm diameter motor with 12:1 gearing. It is running around 50% of rated power when I crank it up at the end. In a small boat it would fly.

    It is probably worth your while getting a sub $10 motor and controller to play with first so you understand how it all goes together.

    Rick W
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