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    Hi... Selam!

    I am building a boat with zero money and zero income.
    I wanted to show the children and young people how!

    I would like to give here also the link of my blog ..
    I can't tell all things here.. My English is not enough.

    Thanks to google translate!

    Thanks to my friends that helped to me!

    Her name is Ezginin Melodisi..
    Melodi: Melody
    Ezgi: The Turkish meaning of Melody

    So: The melody of the melody!

    Ezgi is my daughter...!

    the construction is proceed!

    The blog is in Turkish... In severel days it is translated to english... franch..deutsch.. spanish... and chinese... and marsish...
    hahaha if you wait 80 years long I will speak all these languages!


    But there are many pictures and videos that everyone understand what's going on!
    You don't need learn Turkish!

    This boat is a sailing boat... She has oars... She has the sun... She has an electric motor...
    The seats will be covered with broken *solar cells.
    So my popo will sit on 2 thousand watts... Hahaha!

    She is a musical boat... on one side are there notes from Led Zeppelin stairway to heaven.
    Other side notes from our musical composition with Ezgi.

    The horn will play our music...
    The design of painting belongs to Ezgi.

    So here is my blog

    Cheeers from Turkey... The country of the sun... that sits in the dark!...

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