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    SALARY RANGE: 74,074.00 - 96,292.00 USD per year

    OPEN PERIOD: Wednesday, March 01, 2006 to Wednesday, March 29, 2006

    SERIES & GRADE: GS-0850-13/13 POSITION INFORMATION: This is a full-time position. This is a TERM appointment limited to four years.

    DUTY LOCATIONS: 1 vacancy - New Orleans Metro Area, LA

    This TERM position is open to all U.S. Citizens and to all persons with federal employment status. Note that there are two separate announcements, one for current federal employees (or others with federal status) and one for persons without federal status.

    Incumbent will serve as the Coast Guard's technical authority for electrical equipment and systems and electrical engineering issues related to the delivery of this new class of cutters to the fleet. Electrical equipment and systems encompass all the equipment needed for power generation, power distribution, and power conversion.
    Additionally, incumbent will have working level knowledge of data acquisition, signal processing and communication networks for shipboard control and monitoring systems (i.e. machinery control and monitoring, interior communications systems). The incumbent will assist coordination of ELC electrical and electronic Subject Matter Expert(s) involvement in all electrical system design reviews, construction oversight, testing oversight and performance verification. Work will require that the incumbent address subject matter issues on the front line at the local design/production site.
    The incumbent will have responsibility for the review and/or preparation of electrical requirements and specifications; perform contractor oversight for electrical engineering functions; perform/review electrical testing and evaluation; perform electrical engineering project management work; provide electrical engineering advice and guidance; resolve electrical engineering design/production issues; conduct engineering studies; apply knowledge of technological developments in the marine electrical engineering field; and perform electrical engineering development and design work for electrical power systems.

    Persons with current federal status should apply at:

    Announcement # 06-0602-NEJF-M1
    Opens: 03/01/06
    Closes: 03/29/06

    Persons without current federal status should apply at:

    Announcement # 06-0602-NEJF-D1
    Opens: 03/01/06
    Closes: 03/29/06
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