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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by justinDesign, Sep 21, 2007.

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    Has anyone ever seen or heard of an electric surface drive? Would one be able to achieve slow speeds with an electric surface drive say with the equivalent power of a trolling motor, would it be real noisy.

    I am contemplating such an idea for my thesis project and would appreciate some opinions or any possible information. The vessel I am creating is about 14 feet, and for inland fishing of low water areas.

    It has also been suggested to me to us paddle wheels for slow speed electric propulsion. How noisy is this? How efficient would it be? Is there a certain shape to the paddles that would serve me better than other?(I desire both forward and reverse) Any examples of small craft like this would be appreciated.

    Please post any links or pics if you have them.

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    Consider this in your research: An electrically power boat is powered by batteries. Batteries are heavy. DC powered motors are heavy.

    I am sure that you have heard about H.P. to weight ratios. This becomes the issue when considering electrically powered boats. I have seen boats that are DC powered, but they are pretty slow moving and are similar in design to gondolas.

    Paddle wheel is a very inefficient means of propulsion. A standard three bladed prop is better. A propulser is among the most efficient means of moving water. But I believe that they are not yet available to the masses, and so far the only application I have seen them used in is on the back of the new classes of US Navy submarines. This would be an interesting idea though, and is probably worth the investigation.

    As far a noise level, it depends on the quality of the motor, running speed, and insulation used to cover the motor. Modern diesel powered submarines use electric motors that are so quiet, standing next to them you might only hear a very slight, very high pitched noise, similar to that as when an old tube TV is turned on.
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    The surface props are mostly for really really fast boats, not putting on the bay.
    Paddlewheel is quite efficent ,almost noiseless if done right and can take a grounding with no damage, again if designed right.

    What creates the force to move the paddlewheel is whatever floats your boat. Silent , long range think Sterling engine.
    External combustiuon , run it burning the NY Times or other trash.

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