Electric start for small outboard

Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by jesdreamer, Feb 15, 2013.

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    I am trying to find an appropriate forum for my idea/question -- tried the Briggs & Stratton thread under outboards w/o much response -- Perhaps someone here can help.
    I want a small electric start outboard but find nothing available in the 4-5-6HP range. I would like to remove the recoil drive and shroud from a Briggs 5HP air cooled outboard (everybodies favorite outboard) and add a belt drive to combo starter/generator from a gas engine golf cart. Would use a battery to start and recharge during use -- Any thoughts on the subject??:confused:
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    As far as I know, nobody makes electric starting engines below 10 HP, and even then it is optional. There was a local brand here, but now extinct (Tomos).

    But there are very cheap small Chinese engines. I bought a diesel powered water pump several years ago for $400, brand new. Threw away the pump and mounted a generator instead. The electric starter has the size of a windshield wiper motor and can only turn the engine when the decompression lever is pulled.
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    I've seen 8 HP outboards with an electric start option (Tohatsu 4 stroke), but most of these are actually detuned 10 HP engines. I'm pretty sure Honda still sells and electric start 8 HP too. Electric start adds quite a bit of weight to a small engine.

    Asking a 5 HP Briggs to spin a generator and drive a prop, sounds like you'll eat a large percentage of it's output, just making electrons flow. A stator ring and Bendix style of starter would be a better option, though finding a flywheel might cause some headaches.

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    Thanks guys, I appreciate the input. I also have found no outboards under the 9.9HP available with electric start (8HP Honda weighs as much as a 9.9). I am willing to sacrifice some HP into running a generator but generation isn't main objective -- I want the electric start and can recharge a battery at dock if necessary. Do like idea of the combo starter/generator used on golf carts however and want this if feasible -- anyone with any experience with these combo units??
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