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Discussion in 'Hybrid' started by Marc78, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Marc78
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    Marc78 Junior Member

    I'm looking for a pod engine somewhere around 2.5 kW, 24 V. all I can find until now are 36 V systems or higher and 24 V pods but not enough kW's. Anyone knows a 2.5 kW 24 V Pod?

    I want to use a 24 V system because I want to minimize the amount of batteries in my sailboat due to limited space available.

  2. kerosene
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    high powered motors typically use higher voltage to keep currents lower - less weight in wiring and less heat generated. sorry for no real suggestions
  3. Quietboats
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    Mastervolt has a 2.0 kw, 24 volt. 2.5 Kw is 36 volt. But in all honesty, if battery size is an issue then 2.5 Kw is probably too big for a realistic system. How long are you looking to run?
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