Electric paddle wheel?

Discussion in 'Electric Propulsion' started by kroberts, Apr 11, 2017.

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    Contemplating a replacement for a trolling motor for stock ponds. I also fish on the Missouri River in the USA, the upper part where the current is not crazy.

    I really like electrics, but as I mentioned in another thread I have a problem with burning them up with little or no warning. The problem is with the weeds that grow it stock ponds.

    What I'd like is something that can be removable, mounted to a small boat, kayak or canoe. Trying to think of things that wouldn't get too bothered by weeds, I came across the idea of a dual paddle wheel, one wheel on each side of the boat.

    Kind of thinking of a bicycle rim with a single locked sprocket, a BLDC aircraft motor on each side and a reversible foot pedal for each motor. I think this would give me great control for turning, easy full speed forward or reverse and should walk over the top of reeds or sandbars that I got too close to.

    One thing I would absolutely need is good stall detection on the motor controller, to prevent the motor from burning up.

    I would like some input on this from both people who know boats and people who know BLDC motors.

    I'd also like to hear from anyone who fishes stock ponds who may have a better idea how to power through weeds and shallow water.
  2. Irie
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    You could do an electric long tail quite easily. mountable, handles weeds and shallows. Kits are readily available or super simple to diy. No need for stall detection. I've not used bldc motors, the brushed motor I use does a great job and cost a good deal less.
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    kroberts, if you search this site for posts by Jeremy Harris (or search Folding Propeller) you should find his very nice folding prop to deal with weeds.

    As for paddlewheels, how about this:
    whizz forward to 4min 30sec to see paddle boat powered by cordless tools and STRING transmission; considering the draggy hull and two wheel front rudder ( it's amphibious) it goes quite well. I did this comp a few times, it was jolly good fun.

    I have just built a fully waterproof brushless controller with relay reversing and power display - it was a pain in the backside. I think that to drive two paddlewheels you could use controllers from the R/C car or boat hobby which have reversing facility. Available brushed or brushless. If you get the cheapest programmable R/C system for boats/planes you can have single stick two channel control by using the programming facility. The advantage is that it all just plugs together and you can sit anywhere in the boat; the disadvantage is you can't get it wet!

    Hobby type brushless motors are now cheaper than brushed, but I would consider big brushed motors for their supposed ruggedness regarding over-current.
  4. kroberts
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    That paddlewheel is an interesting solution, but not really conducive to fishing, especially with multiple people in it. Really interesting though.

    I was thinking about bicycle wheels with paddles on them, lock the hub and run chain drive to a motor with some appropriate amount of reduction.

  5. Jed233
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    I watched the video of your surface drive. I don't know a thing about this type of electric propulsion but am quite interested in picking your brain. Please steer me in that direction.
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