Electric motors for solar-powered boats

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Twointense13, Mar 21, 2004.

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    My group and I are designing a solar powered boat for class and I was wondering what type I should use for a max voltage of 12. What hull design would go for the longest time and the fastest. Please respond. Thanx
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    I'd "liberated" the motor from a totalled "freedom scooter" is about same as motors from those electric skateboard toys. theyre about 4" diameter 10 pole 24vdc and spin about 2500 rpm with a LOT of torque, and really dont draw much current. used a 5/16" shaft (fits PERFECT into 3/8" hard brake line), direct drive, to a prop from young manufacturing, http://www.youngprops.com/

    those scooter-skateboard toys run with gel cells and have a lot of range for their weight, the motors are pretty darn efficient is why they come to mind for playing with something to be solar powered. I'd built a kids boat, ran the motor on 12v for 11-1200 rpm to the prop.

    dont know if this is the kind of power/efficiency youre looking for, but it worked really well.
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    Check out the date on the post you've responded to.

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    Welcome, tinkz. lol
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