Electric Motor as Wooden Boat Option

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by sshhss, Sep 7, 2021.

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    To start with we should look at the different types of motor windings and their characteristics. Also other significant differences like fixed magnet, armatures, etc. I find that the term "electric motor" is popularly used as if they are all the same.
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    Kind of like the term "internal combustion" engine is popularly used as if they were all the same.
    Good observation Gonzo.
    Good place to start, so, what's the next step?
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    "Misleading" is a loaded word, of course, and I only used it because I was following up on a comment where it was used. But, in at least a couple of cases, the marketing people I talked to were automotive engineers and so, I assume, perfectly well understood the technical issues. They just felt that it was better to stick to terminology customers felt comfortable with rather than try to educate them, so to speak.

    For what it's worth, my perspective with respects to cars and motorcycles is that EVs should state power in W or kW. Customers already have an intuition about how a vehicle will perform based on HP, but that intuition doesn't apply accurately to an EV. (One could argue that it doesn't apply "accurately" to an ICE vehicle, either, but that would be needlessly pedantic for our purposes here.) It's a classic short-run/long-run trade off. In the short run, customers will feel more comfortable with HP (in the anglosphere). But, in the long run, using kW will result in customers having two intuitions, one that applies to ICE vehicles and one that applies to EVs. I think the industry should be aiming for that long-run goal in preference to the short-run goal. And I think the same argument works for boats.
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    Heres a video where they put an electric outboard on a sea sled
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