Electric Inboard Drive Design EL-60

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    I'm posting these two very basic line drawings I did back in 2018 of my EL-60 boat drive. I have finally been issued patents. I have just started building my first prototype drive for proof of concept and efficiency data.

    I have moved the propeller further aft in subsurface mode to improve low speed and reverse over surface drives. After the drive reaches speed above 5 MPH the drive will move to surface drive mode to gain efficiency and speed. The model with tiller handle will be able to mount on the port, starboard or center location for comfort.

    All EL-60 boat drive designs are based on a shaft driven ball and socket type X- joints. I have tested the X-joint at high speed and high axial loads. The X-joint has a slower rate of oscillation and less time at full oscillation then the current cardan u joint. 2 joints phased correctly they will produce 100% constant velocity up to 90 degrees.

    Now I'm moving forward I think this is a great source for information for the best motor, controller. I'm open to ideas on what propeller mite work best. any input will be greatly appreciated.


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