Electric boat forum and discussion, research group in London pub every month.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by china, Feb 16, 2013.

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    Hi, my name is Alex and I am working in an Electric boat project in association with Dr Balanchradan, Eco boat project, Mr Malcolm Moss and the Electric boat association.

    Websites and computers can only serve so much and what I feel is needed is a real live venue to discuss electric boat technology and research and developments.
    To chat and listen about electric boat propulsion ideas and projects and current technology would be a help to the amateur, enthusiast and expert alike.

    Me and my volunteer group are setting up a meet up night in a London pub once a month for all people who are interested in electric boats to discuss current electric motors, batteries, recharging technology, controlling systems and suitable hull design.

    Entry and admission to the discussion and venue are free. All we ask is for a serious interest by the members attending. After the two hour meeting then people are free socialise and talk about what they choose as in a normal pub scenario.

    If any members here would like to attend and discuss electric boating and technology then please just leave a private message or post directly here on this thread and I will email you the dates and location.

    I have access and use of a working boat yard in West London which is situated on the River Thames.

    With electric car technology we are hoping to piggy back the automobile technology and adapt motors and systems for boating, as well as using conventional systems.

    I hope some members of this forum may be interested.

    Kind regards. Alex.
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    Hello Alex, Unfortunately I will not be able to attend. But if we can be of assistance with knowledge or real life experience, just let us know. We own a company in The Netherlands with 7 years of experience in building electric boats. And at this moment very busy with the Torque-Jet hubless electric boat propulsion, http://www.destilleboot.nl/torquejet

    Good luck with your initiative.

    Kind regards,
  3. china
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    Hi Anton,

    Very pleased to hear from you. I had a look at the torque Jet. Looks like a good application for saftey boats and man overboard recovery. I would like to stay in contact in the future with developments.

    Is there anything you would like to say or tell us here about the Torque jet or any other new developments.

    It's always good to chat and create a platform for electric boating discussions.

    Thank you.

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    daiquiri Engineering and Design

    I love the idea of discussing these topics in a relaxed pub atmosphere. I'm pretty sure that after few beers your creativity will reach the unimaginable peaks. ;)

    Unfortunately I am a bit too far away from you guys, and that's a real pity. But you have my moral support. :)

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  6. china
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    Thank you for your words of support.

    The main meeting will be structured and chaired by a chairman just to keep people's contributions in check and to stop waffling and topics going off course.

    After the two hour session which will include a break halfway through, then the official meeting discussion will be over and afterwards people can waffle, argue and go of topic as much as they want.

    Well, we've had a lot of response from our European friends, now just hope to find some U.K members close to London.

    Thanks again Guys, we will keep you informed of our progress.
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