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    Tad Boat Designer idea how stability is addressed but I like it......does look like a spectacularly inefficient(lots of tiny pieces) construction method enclosing minimal space......It is not at all offensive the way that gross white plastic blob in the first picture is. Perhaps it's the organic material, in plastic it would probably be nasty.....
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    Artists ! :)

    Make a great chook house.
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    I believe it should and will be named the vomit comet, as soon as there is a little weather.
    Doesn't seem to be any comment about ballast or keel.
    Looks to me like it is uncoated wood. If it is an experiment on how to "naturally" recycle a huge amount of hand work, it looks like it will be quickly successful

    "Artists!" was much more to the point.

    It would be interesting to see the workmanship up close.

    Did anyone notice how the minimal impact statement required a farm, a dock, sewage disposal facilities, and a whole solar electric industry to support an experiment in "minimal living"? As far as I could tell the support structure was all donated - wonderful things we are teaching our students.

    Sorry (actually I'm not) just feeling a little cranky this evening.

    PS. Should I question a charcoal fire in such a small volume?
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    If you go to the site there's a slideshow of pictures, including several of the interior. I think it's a lovely piece of work, practical or not.

    Looks like they're parking it up an estuary in a salt marsh, so I don't think it'll be rocking and rolling much.... and I think cold-molded plywood is by definition 'treated wood.' :)

    add: this site has alot more information (and more pictures).. It says the egg was built by a local boatbuilder, and sheathed with recycled cedar, not molded plywood. The framing is local Douglas fir....

    another add: oops, that's the original site that was posted. For some reason, when I went there originally only the first picture loaded. But now they're all showing up....

    According to the designer, the exterior is left unfinished so the cedar can weather naturally over the course of the next year. That could end up looking pretty striking, judging by some of the weathered cedar fences I've seen over the years.
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    What's underneath all of the floor-boards with the finger-holes for lifting?

  8. troy2000
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    Could be storage; could be just inspection ports and access to the bilges.
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    It's quite small really at 20' long & 9' diameter, the effect is pretty cool, don't think the joinery is cigarette paper fits but neat, I'd imagine some ballast & maybe bilge keels straight along the bottoms but you cant see...... if it rolled a bit in the breeze it would enhance the occupants connection with environment................................
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    Windows would "enhance the connection to the environment".

    Perhaps I was too harsh about the "vomit comet" with a boat builder and a Naval architect involved. I'm going to assume ballast/ keels to make it somewhat stable. But the height of the thing will still tend to rock and keep rocking.

    There is an interesting choice of English language usage, now days.
    The person who made the artistic sketch is the designer, but the person who came up with the details that make it work (possibly the NA) is just another person involved?
    Perhaps conceptual designer would be more accurate for the artist? I'm getting a little picky I know.
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    Upchurch you have my permission to be picky.

    The egg is a study in art, not practicality. I do admire the ambition and ability of the boat carpenters.

    I think that the same naturist objective could be achieved by slicing it in half and fastening it down on the hard, Quonsett hut like. Far more stable that way, and somewhat nearer to the local pub.

    I do hope the occupant does not forget that a burning charcoal pile in a closed space has the potential for killing air breathing creatures.
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    Yes, I did. And the choice of a bird egg to symbolize social independence is a bit odd. Bird eggs require looking after. Perhaps if the dock looked like a nest and the solar panels suggested incubation, the important relationships between humans and the environment would be more apparent. Or maybe I'm just not subtle enough to get it. I tend to be literal minded.

    A footprint is evidence you were there. It doesn't have to detract from the experience of those who come after. Lessening the evidence of destruction (or one's association with it) is very different than lessening the actual destruction that is taking place. The environmental footprint metaphor seems to have been co-opted to mean "avoid the reputation of being harmful to the environment." A clever bit of subtle duplicity added to an existing (never very useful) metaphor. Older footprint metaphors in several languages tended to convey positive aspects of the human condition and its relationship to the environment. Environmental footprint seems to negate the whole traditional view of man's complex connection to nature. I think it is a poor substitute. I think it's attractiveness lies in creating the illusion that you can be "not associated" with the environmental impacts of society as a whole. Ie. if you just do a few simple things, you can buy reputational immunity. Traditional belief systems the world over teach the exact opposite.

    Perhaps the bird egg just symbolizes immaturity.
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    It takes a lot of effort not to say something catty here. Hard to believe that at least one English major was not involved. I have to confess to drawing up something almost as silly on occasion but somehow reason always intervened and they died stillborn.
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    That title is already taken by several conveyances including a big catamaran:

    The "Egg" is a lovely piece of work and would make a splendid smokehouse for bacon.

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    I believe it has a window,
    A window to the sky,
    Once the googy has floated a little,
    It might hatch & fly,

    Or if it might float across the channel,
    & happen upon a pig,
    Once they'd danced a little jig,
    In a pan a quiche would sit..............................:eek:
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