Effects of Uk cutbacks on future jobs for NA's working on defence projects

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by tim855791, Jun 19, 2010.

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    Has anyone got any thoughs on how the projected UK cuts in services may affect Naval Architects or Marine Engineers looking to work for companies specialising in defence projects, such as BMT, MOD, VT or BAE systems?

    It seems to me that no matter which way they look at it money must be scheduled to be cut from the Navy. They are already working way overbudget and there main cost is in their ships. What does this mean for us NA's in the future?

    Should graduate engineers be looking to go into that kind of work or should they looking elsewhere.

    This is a dilemma Im facing, and any comments would be extremely useful.
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    It will be bad, especially at a time when the other team is ramping up their efforts to rule the waves. Check out the origin of the Jolly Roger. Elect leaders, not politicians. Sorry, I have no place to speak, considering our poor leadership on this side of the pond.
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    Who are the "other team"?

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    Based upon experience in the US, I doubt there will be any change at all for NA's. Trained and licenced NA's are so rare (I'd guess less than 5% of engineers in the marine fields) that their employment is more based upon how they interview than thier degree. They fill positions you cannot put the structural and mechanical types into.

    FWIW, NA's are something of a oddity now as ships are becoming more of a comodity product than one-off. There will still be jobs for NA's, it is just running in the proper circles to pick up on who is hiring and for what.
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