Effects of Moving Dagger Board on Catamaran? Performance? Safety? Structural?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by CatBuilder, Apr 14, 2011.

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    The Flica I'm building has boards offset from centerline, constructed at a slight angle from vertical; they kind of parallel the outer hull angle. I believe the slight vertical angle helps to quiet the boards. I can't imagine forcing the boards to be in the most inconvenient location, but I am only an amateur.

    Having the designer available to answer questions is probably the most valuable support that can be offered.
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    Yeah, that would be nice.
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    I'm not sure. She has 4 cabins and the ads claim she sleeps 9.

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    Ok, I found the boat. Looks pretty similar in some ways. In other ways, it is smaller.


    Ways it's the same:

    *4 cabin layout
    *catamaran of similar size

    Ways it's different:

    *Forward heads do not take advantage of being on the bridgedeck, so the forward rooms are kind of small.
    *Round settee table wastes a lot of space and you can't get comfortable on them
    *Galley is incredibly small

    I think it was a Foutaine Pajot, if I'm not mistaken. They usually have that tiny, triangular galley up on the bridgedeck.

    The boats are similar sizes, but mine's a hare over 45' x 25' wide. This one is 42' x 22' wide. I'd say they're kind of similar though. And you thought a 42' catamaran was too small? Most people would die for one of those. :D

    Been on any monohull sailboats?
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