Effective immediately, Autoyacht sells for $895 (US).

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    Effective immediately, Autoyacht sells for $895 (US).

    No other software provider can offer such a state-of-the-art yacht design tool within this price range. The following are key features that illustrate how Autoyacht provides more control over hull design than generic 3D modelers:
    • Continuous update of contours during surface editing. The new contours are superimposed on the originals as you edit the surface, thus allowing you to visually see the effect of shape changes to the surface.
    • Edit the surface or curve using either control points or edit points. Edit points lie on the surface or curve, whereas Control points are the governing entities and don't necessarily lie on the surface or curve.
    • Create a knuckle line in a surface. This is a great time-saving feature as you do not need to create another surface and join them at the knuckle.
    • Obtain instant hydrostatics. Autoyacht provides an accurate set of hydrostatic values; there is no need to use other software to do quick assessment of hydrostatics during the initial design stage.
    • Produce offset data for the Offshore Racing Council International Measurement System Velocity Prediction Program. A velocity prediction of your design is only a click away with Autoyacht.
    • Spreadsheet-like editing for 3D curves. Simple input and editing of curves allows you to match existing shapes with ease.
    For more information, contact your authorized ASC dealer today.

    Find out more about our integrated suite of CAD/CAM software at http://www.autoship.com, where you can also find contact information for all Autoship dealers. Email (ASC) at info@autoship.com.

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