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    this stuff appears in my mail from month to month, for once I opened it
    Interesting, subscription appears to be free

    for instance this issue
    - Cruisers Yachts 330 Express
    - Henriques 42 Express
    - Grady-White Express 330
    - Formula 48 Yacht
    - Hargrave 82' Capri
    - Hunton RS 43
    - Viking Sport Cruiser 54
    - Maritimo 48 Convertible
    - Pearl 60

    Also Inside:
    - New Rampage 34
    - 8 Models Tested with Yanmar
    - Murkowski Responds
    - Boat Buying Advice
    - Advanced Marine Inflatables
    - AC Condensation Problem Solved
    - Buckle Your PFD
    - BoatTEST on Russian TV
    - BoatTEST in India
    - Ferry Rams Tender's Stern
    - New Educational Videos
    - Ducky Award Winner
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