Eddy Shipbuilding Corp?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Jeff, Jun 14, 2001.

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    antiq8 Tom

    Well, I came on here looking for boat plans, and was smitten by the Hacker designed 32' Custom Cruiser. I've contacted Mariners Museum, and they've looked for any further information on this boat in their Hacker collection, with no luck. The researcher did find some designs for a 32' Sedan Cruiser, and I'm trying to wrangle an image of it out of them. If anyone has any more info on this, I'd really appreciate it. Specifically, if I could get my hands on a set of frame offsets, I could probably replicate the rest without much problem. It doesn't look too dis-similar to a late 40's, early 50's Matthews.
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    There is a 24'-26' raised deck, lapstrake, single screw Eddy for sale in Charlevoix, MI. She is an intact project boat which could be launched and used as-is according to the owner. He is asking $2500.00. There is a flyer posted at Irish Boatshop in Harbor Springs (just a posting-not listed). It is a very good looking design.
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    Update Please

    Jeff, If possible, I would like to know what happened to the plans / documents you were given, if you could share that with me. I know this was quite some time ago...

    I am the grandson of George Glenn Eddy, owner / president of the Eddy Shippbuilding Corp. My father worked as a designer, etc. for his father in the business, up until the company went out of business. He is the J. W. Eddy referred to on the drawings.

    I can be reached via my personal email at stueddy@monavieup.com, or my cell: 586-201-1206.

    Thanks in advance,
    Stuart Eddy
  4. Jeff
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    Jeff Moderator

    Thank you so much Stuart. Even though it took many years, I think the local historical society will be delighted to have this contact. I will forward your message to them right now. I haven't had a chance to check on the exact status yet, but I believe the plans are still archived at the small maratime museum to which they were donated in 2001. Initially when I posted this in 2001 I had thought the drawings I was allowed to scan were representative of the collection and that there would be many more when the box was cataloged; unfortunately it turned out that there were not as many as I first hoped but instead what I posted represents about 90% of the boats that were included, with a number of copies of each of the blue prints and some assorted details for other boats (but still a very nice donation.) I will forward your email and your phone number to them now. Thanks again very much.
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    My wife and I now own the Eddy boat referenced above in Michigangeorge's message from July 4, 2009.

    Question: does anyone know if Eddy Shipbuilding Corp. had a company logo? If so, does anyone know where I could find a photo or sample of the logo?

    Thanks, Mike Gresens
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    EDDY SHipbuilding original ads for sale and other ship builders

    Hello everyone I have some EDDY Shipbuilder ads for sale . Many other shipbuilder, engines, parts and more 1920s-40s. If interested in anything marine related please send me a list o fwhat you are looking for,thanks for your time, Perry.

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    Just as a trivial note, I noticed that one of the vessels used is some of the early SEA HUNT episodes is an EDDY CRAFT. Could this be a product from the same manufacturer?
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