Easy Tricks Using Fiberglass Strengthening! (Video)

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Dejay, Nov 2, 2019.

  1. Dejay
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    Dejay Senior Newbie

    I think this is a great intro video to fiberglassing for beginners with a few neat tricks. He also made a video on how to build a simple "tesla catamaran" and has an older video on composite core construction.
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  2. djamson
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    djamson Junior Member

    The video is awesome. Lots of great info. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Eric ruttan
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    Eric ruttan Junior Member

    I am not sure a vacuum infusion example should not be in an intro to glass video, as infusion is so very simple, and goes.along with his explanation of how to wet out a surface.

    He also makes the mistake of assuming a smoth glass finish is less drag than a rougher (weave) one.

    Also, while he mentions many altermatives to e glass, he does not mention that these are almost never used due to the price/performance not being worth it. It would be a rare layup that would need more than eglass, in the domains he describes.

    But he actually does impact demonstration on glass over XPS, and shows it is rather tough. And that is a very rare thing. So big kudos there. However he does not point out the difference between 25psi XPS and 15psi XPS. Which is critical.

  4. Dejay
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    Dejay Senior Newbie

    Maybe he'll demonstrate vacuum infusion it in a future video. I think as an intro for people totally unfamiliar with the concept it's better to start with more familiar processes. Easier to follow along. It's not really an intro to boat building, I think he sees this more as an interesting process for all sorts of things.

    I'd certainly would love to see more videos on vacuum infusion and simple to build molds! Maybe it will inspire someone else to make a video :)

    It's also awesome that this is in 4k with 60 frames per second even though it's a bit overkill.
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