Easy Catamaran build

Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by Beav222, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Beav222
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    Beav222 Junior Member

    I do appreciate your comments and the reason I posted here is to learn about building. I just have a problem with condescending attitudes. Present company excluded.
    The original post was supposed to be fun not insulting. I guess nobody got that.
  2. upchurchmr
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    Troll? A simple question?

    Gone, I'm sure you'll be happy.
  3. Mr Efficiency
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    Not building, no.
  4. messabout
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    Stay cool Beav. Many of of us, here, understand fully the satisfaction of working with tools and creating something that did not previously exist in the finished form.

    I am not presently building but have done so too many times, in the past, to count. Actually I have several sheets of Okumee in my garage. It is sure to become a boat of some kind.....if I survive long enough. Buying a boat might be smarter or easier.....It would take less time, cost less, and just be a blob of plastic but it would float and probably do a satisfactory job of fulfilling the whimsical need for another damned boat. It would not fulfill the creative urge with which some of we humans are afflicted.

    Sharpen you plane irons, make elegant chips, keep doing what you are doing.

    P.S. There are no trolls on this forum. We are just a bunch of slightly opinionated individuals. Most of the others, not me, are plenty smart, plenty experienced, plenty educated,. Please accord them whatever courtesy you can muster. They really are on your side.
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  5. Beav222
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    Beav222 Junior Member

    Wow. That was really gracious and I appreciate that. Thank you so much!
    I’m just trying to share a little of my knowledge about the Easy design. For anyone that wants to build a 40’ Yacht for around $ 100,000.00 the Easy is a great option. Just realize there is an average of 4000 hours work involved in it compared to $400-$500k for a manufactured catamaran. I have often wondered why there were none built here in the States and now I can see the compitition here is intense. Although there are newer and lighter materials out there, the wooden substructure can be rebuilt and as a consequence the boats could survive for a hundred years or more. And for those who love working with wood it’s a great rewarding experience.

    Ps What’s up with the pic that load sideways?????? How do I correct that?? They are uploaded from an iPhone and they are all right side up in my files.

    Cheers Dean
  6. latestarter
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    The first time I saw the photos in the first post they were on their side but now they are all the right way up.
    I enjoy making things, built a large canoe and have only used it once but do not regret building it, having gained new skills.
    I am on with a skin on frame rowing boat at the moment, it keeps my brain ticking over.
    Your project is light years away from mine, I would not have the energy to maintain a 20 footer much less build a 40 footer.

  7. Beav222
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    Beav222 Junior Member

    I would love to see the projects you’ve built. For any builder our projects are like children and we protect them as such and maybe a little defensive when critiqued lol.
    I sat on a bar stool for many years thinking some day I’d like to do something like that. What a waste of life. So I chose a different path and now I’m just enjoying the ride. Life is truly wonderful if you have passion for what you do.
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