Eagle Class 53 Catamaran Foiler

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    http://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Eagle-Class-debut.pdf?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Scuttlebutt 5131 - July 26 2018&utm_content=Scuttlebutt 5131 - July 26 2018+CID_72ad8831a2ce261cec69acdef9a75ed2&utm_source=Email Newsletter&utm_term=click here
    Also see : Foiling Cruiser Cat: Eagle Class 53 | Catamaran Racing, News & Design https://www.catsailingnews.com/2018/07/cruising-foiling-cat-eagle-class-53.html#more
    From Scuttlebutt:
    Has the Eagle landed?
    After witnessing the 2013 America’s Cup and a conversation with Team New Zealand designer Pete Melvin, there was someone who wanted to turn his 90-foot Gunboat into a foiler with a wing. But after feasibility study revealed it would make sense to start from the ground up with a new boat, what has been born is the Eagle Class 53.

    The primary problem with adding foils and wings to anything that large is the heightened level of skill needed to utilize them. Going for a sail shouldn't require a full crew of professional sailors, and that has been the premise of this project.

    To what degree it fulfills that objective when launched this fall will be determined, particularly when the boat is forecasted to reach speeds between 25 to 35 knots in light wind. Critical to the concept has been automation to maintain level flight.

    Unlike other previous foiling catamarans that were more picnic boat than offering performance cruising, the EC 53 is delivering 6ft 3-inch headroom, full length double beds at 6ft 5-inches, main saloon with bar, sink, refrigerator, ice-maker, microwave, and furniture.

    No mention if storage for helmets and body armour will be needed, but there will be seatbelts while foiling and oversized escape hatches in both hulls. We suggest also adding gimbal stabilizers for the drink holders.

    From the designer and builder:
    The Eagle Class is designed to perform much like a high-performance foiling catamaran, based on three factors:
    Weight Achieving the capability to foil requires the boat to be as light as possible. Achieving the lighter weight drives many decisions in our design and construction process.
    Foil design The shape, efficiency, and reliability of the foils are critical to giving the Eagle Class the ability to lift out of the water, especially at extremely low wind speeds. EC 53 is capable of reaching between 25-35 knots in light wind. An automated rudder T-foil control system is included to maintain level trim of the platform in the C-foil configuration.
    Safety Speed without control is dangerous. To increase the safety and reliability, we are using cutting-edge technology to create a rudder T-foil control system that increases stability and righting moment at high speeds.
    The spacious and airy cabins in each hull have a full 6 feet 3-inch headroom. The windows combined with a large hatch above each bunk give fantastic natural light and ventilation. Each cabin includes a Barcelona-style chair for lounging, a generous closet and a full length double bed at 6ft 5 inches. The wet room-heads have enough room for two people with specialized features such as a custom carbon sink and lightweight Techma head. All interior components are ergonomically designed using modern and lightweight materials. The main saloon features a teak cabin sole with a central entertainment island unit. This bar contains a sink, refrigerator and additional storage and can be customized to include an ice-maker and microwave. The island is flanked by bar stools and two leather settees.


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    "Quit surfing Boatdesign.net n' get back to work." lol

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    The headline was " Eagle Class fitted out and beginning to fly". However, no flying in this video(except the windward hull). From catsailingnews.com :
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    From Jim Brown:
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    Thanks, great video. I've read some thread here about the dangers of wing masts in gales, are these basically eliminates with fully rotating wing masts?

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    90 foot gunboat....o_O
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