E-tec 25 Suddenly Stop

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by nnyerges, Jul 4, 2013.

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    nnyerges Nicolas62


    A few months ago I bought a E-tec 25HP (manual start). At first time, I tried it at home and it worked perfectly: start at first rope pull, check the gear box forward and reverse and everything was perfect.

    Last week, I install the motor on my dinghy and give it at try on the water. Start at first rope pull and undertook a test drive. Running at middle speed and about 5 minutes later, the ENGINE SUDDENLY STOP.

    At first I thought he had hit a wood or something, but no. Simply turn off. We check oil, fuel, alarm LED’s and everything was ok. Also, the propeller was free.

    When trying to turn it back on pulling the starter rope was tied (the flywheel was block, like when you try to start the engine with the gear in forward (it was in neutral). We try about 10 times until suddenly loosened the flywheel. We try start the motor again a couple times and the engine start. All alarm LED’s was ok.

    We put forward and started traveling back to the dock, when suddenly, the engine suddenly stops again. This time, we spend more that ½ and hour to try to start the engine, without success.

    Any idea?

    Optional Information:
    Make (of engine): EVINRUDE
    Model (of engine): E-TEC E25DRLIS
    Year: 2010
    Horsepower: 25

    Already Tried:
    - We review the entire flywheel mechanism
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    You obviously need to have it looked at. A new engine can be "tight" but will not do as you're describing. Every manufacture can make a bad product - it happens. I wouldn't continue trying to use it, or even starting it. If it's locked up, you shouldn't force anything - this is how you break or bend things.

    Take it back to where you bought it and have them check it out.
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    25 HP on a Dinghy? Who is he? What is a wood? "At first I thought he had hit a wood or something"

  4. nnyerges
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    nnyerges Nicolas62

    Instead of being corrected, write something more productive. Obviously, when I wrote "wood" I referred to a "trunk" and yes, 25Hp for a Caribe CL12. There area dinghy's with engines up to 40HP, do not know what is strange about that.

    Anyway thanks for your comments. I solved the case.

    The engine is "hidrolocking". The plastic housing of the E-Tec los HP engine's, are not designed for use in boats with low transom.
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