Dynarig cargo ship concepts

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by 1J1, Nov 11, 2013.

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    Interesting concepts of a modern cargo windjammer:


    Also: http://www.marin.nl/web/file?uuid=0...b4&owner=bbe0c94c-375d-4ae8-b452-251a414c25d7


    I like the idea of combining masts & cranes:


    This is B9's dynarig freighter concept:



    I wonder which ship will be built first & will that actually happen? They said Ecoliner will be built in 2013 but nothing more about that so far.
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    Let's not panic yet, they still have 50 days left to make it happen.
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    I doubt either. The Maltese with this rig has figured out that it is cheaper to motor from place to place than to sail. The wear and tear on the rigging is more expensive than the fuel bill.

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    What bothers me is actually who would want these ships? I mean it's Ok to put sails on a tanker or passenger ship, but for a gen.cargo ship where flexibility & volume of cargo spaces are the keys - these dynarig windjammers can't stand close to Hartman M2 Runner (those odd Oceanic & Nordic).
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