DWGTOOLS : CAM software for designers of maritime structures and small/medium-size sh

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    DWGTOOLS : CAD/CAM for maritime structures designers & small/medium-size shipyards

    DWGTOOLS has been devised and developed for the structure design and production of all types of ships and other floating units, from conceptual design to detail engineering.
    The application is developed and maintained by TAN s.l., an independent engineering company in Spain, with more than 30 years of experience in ship design, which ensures that the final product is truly an effective tool with a single objective: to design and build ships structures faster, better and cheaper.
    Now available in English and Spanish versions, with improvements and utilities for automatic listings and printouts of the results, sketches and drawings.
    It's all on our website http://657677483.wix.com/tansl#!software
    Until the end of September you can get an initial license of the application, for free

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