Dutch steel (aluminum house)

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    While not impressed by Feadship systems and details, I do appreciate this fine metalwork on the Marion Queen, nee Alfa Alfa III; Kisses; Mayan Queen. The big yachts now all come here for a stint to show how macho they can be - SE Alaska doesn't cut it anymore... (next, it will be the Aleutians and some china will break!)
    The Timoneer


    left yesterday only to be replaced by this one, the subject at hand;

    005.jpg 008.jpg 013.jpg

    11,000 gallons of diesel pumped at a dollar more per gallon than they cud have in Anchorage. I digress...check out the nice metalwork forestaging one of my all-time favorite narrow 108' Marcos. If I had to maintain it and cudn't sell it - I'd take the old Marco over the other two.
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