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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by snowbirder, Mar 16, 2015.

  1. snowbirder

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    Today was my lucky day.

    Found a ratty looking inflatable RIB in the dumpster and took posession.

    It's a fairly modern Zodiac.

    So It's got a couple issues. Why else would it be in a dumpster?

    First, the tubes are unglued from the hull from 1/3 of the way aft to the stern. There is nothing holding them. They are ok toward the bow.

    Second, there is a fast leak on half the boat I will need to fix.

    Suggestions on how to bond the tubes back to the hull? Basically, the original glue has let go.
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  3. hoytedow
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  4. snowbirder

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    This is great information!!!!

    Thank you so much Hoyt!
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    Please post location of dumpster :D, I might want to keep checking for the outboard. :p

    There is also some stuff called tubeseal which can be sloshed around inside a porous tube.

    Great job and keep up the recycling.
  7. snowbirder

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  8. snowbirder

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    Yes, I used tubeseal on an old hypalon Caribe L9 i had previously. It worked for me. Yhe application of the product wasn't easy. Had to flip the RIB over many times. Got pretty exhausted doing that on a finger slip.

  9. CloudDiver
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    Are you positive it is Hypalon? Most Zodiacs are PVC, or their version of PVC called Strongan. I know there are a few Military and commercial RIBs that were hypalon made by Zodiac but they are few and far between. I have two Zodiacs, both are PVC. Just sayin, so long as you are sure.

    For general repairs (on PVC) I like the Cliftons single part adhesive. If I was reattaching tubes to a hull I suppose I would use the 2 part Shore (brand name) adhesive.

    Here are my three sources for repair materials and adhesives, they may not be the very best but I have the prices to be pretty fair;

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