Dudley Dix "Hout Bay 30"

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by jcjglt, Nov 16, 2008.

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    I am considering to have my next sailboat professionnally built and she could be a Hout Bay 30 since I found quite positive opinions about the designer and I want a small and very seaworthy steel boat to live aboard in the South-Western Pacific region.
    I am interested in any advice about this boat specially from owners, sailors and builders. Any advice about options would also be of interest : gaff rig, flush deck or trunk cabin, ...
    Wynand N, please don't consider this request as lacking of respect, I just would like to gather different opinions but your proposal still keeps lot of interest.
    Regards to all, jcjglt.
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    The Van de stadt 30 is a very nice steel boat, lots of room for a liveaboard
  3. SeaJay
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    I can't speak to this boat specifically, but I have some knowledge of Dix's work as I purchased his Didi 40cr plans. I can tell you that his designs are extremely well thought out. In my review, I challenged his thinking at every step, and always found his solution to be well thought out and consistent with the boat’s design brief. His details are efficiently and can be economically constructed. Furthermore, Dudley is an extremely helpful and accessible guy.
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