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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by bean surchwell, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. bean surchwell
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    bean surchwell Junior Member

    Bud Melges class c racing scow...
    Has two positions for the rudder placement at 3' apart on center line.

    Is this for the weight of the crew or a sailing tactic/direction?
  2. Gary Baigent
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    Gary Baigent Senior Member

    Just guessing - I have a dual rudder setup on Groucho Marx (trimaran) but that is because the smaller one is for shallow water (and not much use if it is breezy) - whereas on the Melges boat it maybe because the forward one is a smaller blade for light weather and the other is larger and aft for heavier winds. Or it could be the other way round, I know nothing. Why don't you contact Buddy?
  3. CutOnce

    CutOnce Previous Member

    I seem to remember there were some scows built with the option to sail without the jib - and the alternate rudder position would be to balance the lateral resistance without the sail area.

  4. bean surchwell
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    bean surchwell Junior Member

    thanks cutonce,
    that makes sense
    bean surchwell
  5. tspeer
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    tspeer Senior Member

    Are you sure about that? Every C scow I've seen has a single rudder, mounted at the stern on centerline. They have dual bilge boards, however. The bilge boards are used one at a time, like leeboards. (On a scow, you don't say, "Ready about," you say, "Board down.")

    Other scows, like the E, A, and M16 have dual rudders that are down all the time. But, due to heel, the windward rudder is out of the water most of the time. The two tillers are linked together with a bar.

  6. messabout
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    messabout Senior Member

    Why not contact Melges boat works for the most authoritative answer? In the scow world there is also Johnson. They'll also have the answers. The C scow class probably has a secretary. Find the class organization on the web, contact the secretary or at least an active class member.
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