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    From Scuttlebutt Europe this morning. Note that one render shows DSS with a canting keel on the new boat. The other is very different (Infinity 46) and shows what appears to be a foil similar to the one on the Quant 23:
    Infinity 53

    Infiniti Yachts and Dynamic Stability Systems (DSS) have entered into an agreement with Farr Yacht Design to design the new Infiniti 53 racing yacht. Design work and preparation of builder quote packages and pricing for the yacht is proceeding quickly to be ready for a construction start this autumn.

    The partnership will significantly advance the performance of yachts in the mid-50ft range.

    A stunning easy sailing carbon fiber yacht. She is also a solar friendly one thanks to the highly efficient solar panels on the deck and the low consumption components as assembled on board.

    DSS is a retractable foil that is deployed to leeward on a yacht. This foil creates lift to leeward, thereby increasing righting moment

    Using a DSS foil also reduces a boat's displacement and, in turn, its hydrodynamic drag, while offering further benefits of reducing bow burying and pitching.

    Farr Yacht Design is excited by the performance benefits available from DSS and felt it would be beneficial to both parties if they teamed up. It has already designed canting keel yachts like IMOCA 60s with foils that provide some vertical lift.

    Fitting DSS has proven to be the single greatest performance-enhancement one can make to a racing or fast cruising yacht. Many performance or racing yachts are now benefitting from DSS turbocharging, including multiple Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race winner, Wild Oats XI, and a new series of Quant Boats in Switzerland.

    The Infiniti 53 will be a slightly larger, modernised version of the Farr-designed canting keel Cookson 50.



    The top picture is the Infinity 46 with a foil that seems similar in some respects to the Q23:


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