DSS foil type of design

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by ujm9, Nov 1, 2019.

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    Hi everyone

    I am looking into wasting some money on modifying my boat.
    She is an 18ft Jeanneau Microsail (replica) it was built here in South Africa with a solid deck (no balsacore) and strengthened in a few areas that were issues on the original boats. A 1.5m fixed keel was used instead of the drop keel.

    With a fixed keel it has opened up the cabin area a lot but this is no luxury boat, it is purely used for racing.

    I would like to add something along the lines of the DSS Foils used on a 21ft Mini Transat that is photographed on their website.
    The one thing that I cannot wrap my head around is the controls of the system.
    What controls are used to push or pull the foils from windward to leeward?

    I have thought of an electric system but that involves using large motors with high holding torque to counter the foils pushing back in and in turn will draw a high current constantly.
    The second idea was a hand crank system but what would I use to hold the foils in place and what type of system will it be: belts, worm screw, etc.?

    I would highly appreciate some inputs and ideas into controlling the foils.

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    The boat's only 18 ft - just do it by hand. A line attached to the middle of the foil led to a block on each side of the hull and thence to a cleat on deck or in the cockpit. It's really no different than rigging a traveler.
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