Dry Stack is where it's at ... Conversion Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by mrwright, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Gian Milan

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    Is 240 isuzu the engine of Jeep CJ?
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    Exhaust gases are routed 7' up from the deck courtesy of the piping.

    A cap will be required to keep rain water out of the exhaust , most just hang a pail over the top of the exhaust pipe.

    We cut an opening in the bottom of a tiny beer keg , attached a handle and tie cord.
    The boat is in hurricane happy Florida.

    The tie chord also prevents the cover from being blown off (overboard) on the days the engine is started with the cap in place. OOOPS!. but no problem.

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  3. Gian Milan

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    in this case the 70% of the heat goes out with the sea water.
    cooled oil sump and exhaust manifold and muffler.
    being all double bottom, the heat of the exhaust manifold and not more than 35°.
    The heat of the head, instead, can not and should not be changed.
    nothing would prevent to use a small exhaust fan for air exchange, even if the aspiration of the engine already does something.
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