Drinkin On Board

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by Boston, Feb 5, 2010.

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    i hate being under the influence of sobriety
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  3. WickedGood

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    Well. I belive the defining word is "Operate"

    If your not underway and at anchor or on a mooring or tied to a dock or sitting on your boat on its trailer in your yard then its not "Operating"

    Millions of people have a full bar onboard their boat and use the boat as a second home or live onboard.

    If the engine is running or your sails are up you are Operating.

    Kinda like your camping out in the woods in the back of your pickup truck having a beer is Not Operating a motor vechical.

    I would love to see the Marine Insurance Surveyors report on that Boat Crash on Sebago " Maine a couple die because their boat was ram by a guy who was drung and driving his 300 hp at night at 40 miles per hours. He end up, after he ram the couple, on the land several feet and a tree stop him." there is a lot of speculation about weather both boats were drunk and wether there were any Nav lights on as they distracted from the fireworks on the lake.

    Anything more than Headway Speed should not be allowed at night!

  4. Boston

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    I would love that to be true but around here if your within a hundred feet of your vehicle
    your busted
    operating or not
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