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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by DriesLaas, Dec 30, 2016.

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    For what it is worth, I have loaded some Queen Mackerel on during the winter season here.....
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    Thanks for the update.

    You asked about how I'm involved in the composites industry.
    20+ years as a fabricator building just about anything imaginable, and then 20+ years in tech service and sales.
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    So our gruelling winter is over, no more 25 degree celcius days for us anymore..........The summer fish are starting to arrive, and I have changed some things on the skiff lay-out.
    That silly center console is gone, and I have a better solution now. A center seat that I can straddle, and brace against. So far it has worked pretty well.
    I also made a norwegian tiller extension, that bolts to the outboard, and a remote throttle and gear shift stick (literally.) These changes totally transformed the usability of the boat, I will fish extensively in the next few months and then consider the development done.
    On a side note, there was an indiscretion I committed during building: A portion of the deck is pine plywood, while the rest is marine ply. This stuff is completely unforgiving: You have to completely both saturate with resin and then cover with glass, otherwise the material will start to delaminate. I need to do a small repair on the deck where this happened. I will post some pics when I am working on the boat again, but this weekend is hopefully off to catch some tigerfish........
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    If the pine plywood is delaminating, no amount of resin or sheathing will help, as the glue lines will just continue to separate the veneers. If the sheathing is heavy enough (thickness) it'll help hold the separating veneers for a while, but I'll suspect you'll need to replace this portion before too long. I hope it's not a big piece.
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