Dredger manufacturer in Russia

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by shahram, Jun 4, 2016.

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    shahram New Member


    I am looking for dredger manufacturer in Russia. (mostly cutter suction dredger) I googled it but all I could find was small manufacturer.
    Can anybody help me to find important companies which are active in manufacturing cutter suction dredger. It is a very crucial matter to our company and I am reaching the deadline for making contact with manufacturer in the project time table.

    Thanks a lot
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    Think again , the Russians have a very poor record of product support, when it wears out or brakes down you have almost NOTHING!

    Try a company in the 1st world , not the 3rd world if long term operation is a goal.
  3. shahram
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    shahram New Member

    Thanks for the reply.
    I am aware of that and I have been in touch with top dredger manufacturer companies in the world but I have to make a list of manufacturer in Russia as well since our company does business in a wide range of activitie, transporting, purchasing equipment and etc. On the other hand we can find financing company for our projects in Russia.
    So do you know any of them?
  4. Alik
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    This statement is misleading, Russia builds nuclear power plants around the world with all the support and consumables. It has about 40% of world's market share, and one can't just operate these plants without support.

    The same refers to aircraft, space technology (say, NASA is buying Russian missile engines), etc. They also sell military equipment to many countries, say airplanes and helicopters, again with full support and service. This is not useless iPhone stuff though, with their support to 'throw away the old one and by new' :)

    And yes, Your meant '1st world products' mostly come form now China, are they? :p

    To add, 'support' from the suppliers from the '1st world' countries from means nothing for industrial/dual purpose/military equipment. Say, if tomorrow US and their puppet EU politicians decide to impose sanctions against Your country, the support will be multiplied by zero. For example, after France failed to deliver two helicopter carriers to Russia due to sanctions, no one will ever buy any military product from France.

    To TS: Dredgers - search korabel.ru for suppliers of such vessels/equipment.
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    Stumble Senior Member

    I can't help in Russia, but I am familure with a few builders in New Orleans.
  6. shahram
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    shahram New Member

    I believe doing business with Russian companies have also its advantages beside its disadvantages.
    If there weren't any sanctions against Iran I personally prefer to do business with American and European companies because sometimes Russians become hypocritical in their businesses and they actually prolong a project as long as they can to take all benefits.
    But since we are on the basin of the Caspian Sea with Russians so their products will be suitable for our company to be used in the Caspian Sea (Based on climate and regional consideration) such as tugboats, dredgers, harbor cranes and etc.
    So if you can help me to find such companies in Russia I will be grateful.
    I have found some of them but apparently they are not the big ones.

    And it's better to keep it in the mind that nothing is absolute. ;)

  7. Rusdredger
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    Rusdredger New Member

    There is one: uralhydromech.com . They were land reclamation company and 4 years ago started their dredger construction plant.
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