Drag boats reaching close to 260 mph

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by FranklinRatliff, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. FranklinRatliff

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    I saw recently where the speed record for Top Fuel drag hydros is now over 258 mph. That's faster than many of the records set with TURBOJET hydroplanes.
  2. marshmat
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    Fast indeed. Especially considering these are usually piston-engine, propeller-driven boats.
    Now look at what it takes to get there: 32 gallons of nitromethane/alcohol per mile, 12 quarts of oil for each quarter-mile run, plus all the fried pistons, valves, broken cranks, etc, plus having to replace the boat now and then when it crashes!
    Fun to watch at times, but I wouldn't want one....
  3. FranklinRatliff

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    Kind of like girls who're fun to date but you wouldn't want to marry them.
  4. DanishBagger
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    DanishBagger Never Again

    hehe, Franklin, ouch!


    I have to say, impressive as this is from an engineering standpoint (which I am not), I don't get the thrill of it. Then again, I never understood supercars either, I prefer another type of fun. "fun to drive" comes to mind.

    But, nevertheless, it's mighty impressive!

  5. JohnBloch
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    JohnBloch Yeah...


    yeah... I saw a video somewhere of a RC boat doing like 120.... If only It were Scale size... those guys would be whipped...

    I saw a Jet Runabout the other day at the Missouri River...

    It was cool... not that fast though... and It was fun trying to see him tie up at the dock!!!!
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