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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Guest, Mar 25, 2002.

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    Draft Person Wanted with experience in superyacht industry required by naval architecture office near Antibes, southern France. Proficiency in CAD drawing 2D/3D (Microstation and Rhino). Send CV to fax +33 (0) 493 679 761 or email mail@espenoeino.com or oeino@compuserve.com
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    If you wish to consider hiring a sub-contractor for the services you require, I would be very interested in working with your company from within the United States. Actively working within the power yacht industry for the past fifteen years, I am experienced in AutoCAD, RHINO and Microstation 'J' and V8. Please refer to thread on this forum titled YACHT DESIGN SERVICES for further info.

    Best regards,
    Earl G. Alfaro
    E-mail: slaega@peoplepc.com
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    I am a recent graduate from teh Rhode Island School of Design where I studied architecture. I am very passsionate about the water and naval design. I am intrested in learning more about your firm and the job position.

    Adam Meshberg
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    I am naval architect and I and I would be interested in help you with your projects via internet or other form. Please email me for more details to sultanemanuel@yahoo.co.uk
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    i am a draughtsman and have five yrs experience in marine drafting
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    why don't you try www.cadground.com

    its a good place for drafters and for outsourcing your CAD projects
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    Hi, I am employed for nearly 7 years in the Sri Lanka's Most famous boat yard and I am interested in involving some overseas stint. I will send you my c.v. and hope you wuld consider it favourably.

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    Hi, I have studied both boatbuilding and design. Boatbuilding in the UK at the (International Boatbuilding Training Center) in 1993 and Yacht Design in the USA at the (The Landing school of boatbuilding and Design) in 1995-96
    Have been using Auto Cad for the last 10 years but have not used Micro Stations for many years.
    Presently I am based in Aix-en Provence and looking for an entry level position in a design studio.
    thanks for your time
    H Lotz
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