Downflooding Point in a Center Console

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Cacciatore, Feb 2, 2020.

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    The downflooding point would be the scuppers.
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    No, scuppers are not considered, in general, as downflooding points because they have a very small area or systems to prevent flooding. The downflooding point will probably be, in effect, the lowest point of the aft gunwalle. But that also depends on the trim acquired by the ship in the cargo condition considered. It is normal to point out a series of points as possible downflooding points and for the software to determine in each case what the downflooding point is.

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    Downflooding point will depend on definitions and hull fittings. Generally, it is the point where ingress of water into the watertight hull starts.
    Or as simplification the point where 'stability calculation model' will be considered 'flooded'.
    If cockpit is watertigth and modeled for stability calcs as such, there might be no downflooding point at all.
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