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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by bucketlist, Dec 19, 2021.

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    I am now in the market for a new boat ( I had the Ranger Tug repaired - my cost - and have sold it , thanks everyone for your help on that matter ) . I have been looking at the Cape Islander and Northumberland designs . Looking at used models like Samson , Provincial , Doucette , Donelle etc ( Nova Scotia and PEI ) . Lots of Maine built boats also .
    Any opinions on the two designs ? Cape Islander's are straight Displacement hull only ( i believe ) . They all seem to be built very substantial in the hull build . Thanks
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    It depends on what definition you use for "Cape Islander" boats and how you define a "straight displacement hull". Do you mean round bottom rather than v-bottom?

    The shapes of the both the Cape Islander/Novi and Maine "Downeast" boats have been evolving for since the early 2oth century and continue to evolve. There is not a class association with rules for what can be called a Downeast or a Cape Islander/Novi boat.

    Compared to Maine Downeast boats the Cape Islander/Novi boats typically have a straight, close to vertical stem with a more angular forefoot. Many older Cape Islander/Novi boats have a stepped sheerline which is almost never seen in a Maine built Downeast boat. Other Cape Islander/Novi boats have a very pronounced "cowhorn" sheer, more than seen in most Maine built Downeast boats.

    What size boat are you interested in? How will it be used?
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    Can you back up a little and write a statement of requirements? Pretty wide array between a displacement and planing vessel.

    would include trailerable; moored or not, winter plans, speed/range desired, hull requirements after your nightmare, to name a few

    downeast styling can be in the sor
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    Ideal size would be 32- 35 ft with a 12-13 ft beam . I have been looking at a pleasure boat ,extended summer cruising ( anchor out mostly ) . Not looking for '' yacht '' finish , just comfortable , clean and low maintenance ( no outside teak ) . Wife likes to go fast ( 15-20 ) I don't mind 8-10 . Could be a compromise of semi displacement if you like to burn a bunch of fuel ( she worries about beating a storm ) . Used mostly in the Great Lakes .
    I am told the Northumberland Strait boats can get speed with 450 hp diesel . I looked at a nice 28 x11 ft beam , fairly roomy , displacement with 225 hp diesel which might work ( wife won't like 8 knot cruise ) . Does not have a bow thruster , which I would want to add .
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