Doubting what Naval Architecture master's degree to do

Discussion in 'Education' started by loroky, Nov 7, 2017.


What university to choose?

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  1. Technical University of Denmark

  2. Delft University of Technology

  3. KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm

  4. Newcastle University/University of Southampton

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    loroky New Member

    Hello to everyone one,

    I'll finish my B.S. in Naval Architecture (240 ECTS) at the Technical University of Madrid next academic year (in June 2019).

    I'd like to get an entry-level job in Structural analysis (related to ships of course) after finishing the master's. Thus far, structural analysis is the thing I enjoy the most at university. I'll be talked through the FEM next semester by the way (I think it's quite useful for the design of ship's structures).

    In light of the above, I am thinking of doing a master's degree on Naval Architecture at a well-known european university, such as the ones mentioned in the poll. Which one do you think would be the best choice? I meet the main requirements these universities ask for (I already got my CAE and will maybe get the CPE in 2019, and I'm a 90% sure I'll get Upper Second Class Honours/a CGPA higher than 75%) thus that is not a problem for now.

    I would have a bit of trouble with the financiation in case I had to study at an English university because of the high prices of tuitions (around 13000€). That is something to take into account then, but not mandatory at all.

    I would like to base my career on Structural analysis as mentioned, though I am highly interested in Hydrodynamics (Fluid Mechanics in general) and in CFD too; what specialization do you reckon offers a better wage?

    In conclusion, I'd like to listen to some of you guys to eventually know where to do a Naval Architecture master's. I want the best for my career by all means.

    Thank you very much for your attention,

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