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    I am doing a final year project on a seater GRP catamaran.

    I calculated the resistance for a demi hull (as am not able to compute for both the hulls in RHINO due to some error) using RHINO with the help of a plug in named ORCA 3d.

    I got it about 1399 N and effective power of 5.8 Kw. My vessel's speed is 8 knots.
    My vessel length is 18 m..breadth demi hull is 1.75 m..overall 6 m breadth. hull depth of 1.3 m.
    When i showed the report to my guide he was complaining about very low resistance. No matter how much i try that's the maximum i get. Is the resistance really that low?? Do i have to calculate for both hulls so that there could be some difference??...please help me....its urgent!!

    the rest of the parameters like block co efficient, prismatic coefficient etc. all the hydrostatic data for a demi hull and as well as for both hulls are in the excel sheets that are attached. The first one is for demi hull (sheet 27 in that excel sheet) and the second one for both hulls.

    P.S am not able to attach any documents due to exceed of maximum quota. I dono how to delete them. Please help me with this as well.

    My block coeff for demi hull is 0.586 Prismatic coeff is 0.806 and midship section co eff is 0.722. Vessel is designed for a draft of 0.5 m with a total displacement of 18.44 tonne...9.2 tonne for single hull.

    Thank you.
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