Doomsday boat.

Discussion in 'All Things Boats & Boating' started by river runner, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Ilan Voyager
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    Ilan Voyager Senior Member

    Quote from mydauphin.

    "Lets worry about the real problems.
    Half the world wants to rob us, kill us or otherwise destroy us, so they can have our prosperity. And then there are the people that feel guilty and want to give it to them. Yet, people like in Greece or France want everything for free but don't want to do the hard work."

    You must have a hard life with your aching stomach. Xenophobia is simply stupid (angelism is as stupid also).

    I doubt that one half of the world want to have your prosperity, nor kill, nor rob you. They have other interest in life: do not imagine the others at your image and way of thinking. What a lot of people hate is to be (or feel to be) victim of imperialism actions (whatever the origin) and objectively USA behaves as the main imperialist power (there are others). That's the true problem; half ideological and half economical. For example Chinese do not want to destroy you as they want to get back their hard earned money that they have lent to you. (USA is living at credit, how long?) and keep a market for their exportations.

    Mexican drug lords are firm believers of free market as any capitalist. They believe in God and donate to the Church. They love money as much as any red blood American. They like a ferocious DEA and strong anti-drug policy as that keep the drugs prices high. Their only fear is legalization of drugs as the market would fall down immediately. They want a prosperous USA as healthy market for the cocaine and synthetic drugs they import by tons so well. They are more American-like than a lot of Americans. They are the quintessence of wild capitalism; satisfying a demand by any mean without moral problem. Finally they are highly successful businessmen

    I have lived (including in the States on 1976) and traveled in several places of the world and truly very few people wish an American way of life. A lot think that it's not sustainable and an immense waste of resources. Not everybody is a consumerist.

    About Frenchies, they do work really whatever you think; productivity is very good: I do know as I had a small shipyard in France... there is excellent engineering, and very good products. All with a good social protection; it's a national consensus and a political will like in Denmark, Norway, and other countries. Nobody stays helpless, nobody will die like a dog without care; it's a way of thinking. Always complaining is a national characteristic of the Frenchies, ready to fight and go to strike if needed. But the French way of life has its charms. French enjoy more social life with its rituals like sharing a good meal than money. Money doesn't rule the life. That's part of French culture. Do not mistake France with Greece. France is not in danger of financial collapsing, and most of its debt is internal: I do mean it's money lent to the French State by French people. And France has a greater social unity than the States. Nobody, absolutely nobody has interest in a financially failed state in France and France has enough internal wealth. Unhappily Greece has fallen in the trap of the easy money like Ireland, Spain, Portugal and Iceland. States has fallen but by luck in it's own currency also. So the States can manipulate its money and so its debts libelled in dollars. Do you remember the yo-yo movements of the dollar during the Vietnam war? Paying the debts in monkey money like in 1972? The others couldn't manipulate their money, the debts are or were in dollars and euros.

    Have you traveled in Cuba? Even the poor Cuba (I have no sympathy for the Cuban political system, but it made nice things in health and education) has a very good health system. Just the political will to do it. An American friend of mine tested it while he had a life threatening cardiac problem at La Havana, he got excellent care at no cost. Nobody asked him his credit card, nor insurance. I wonder if the enormous cost of the wars had been invested in the States, instead of spending it in the militaro-industrial complex, the USA wouldn't have had the best social protection program of the world. Political and social will and wish are lacking. Egotism? lack of empathy? The thing I see is that the States prefer to spend in wars than protecting directly all its citizens with no discrimination. The very failed rescue of New Orleans after the hurricane is a good example.

    Last word and I stop predating this thread; you can be perfectly happy without being rich nor accumulating money or goods. Open your mind, look outside. Be reassured: the doom of the USA is not foreseen in a immediate future and it will be gradual. After serial financial crisis, the country will slip from first power to second rate country like Spain did in the XVIIIth century, loosing his empire. The American empire will fall from internal causes like all the empires. You'll have just to learn Mandarin and work for the Chinese to survive, no need to live in the woods.

    No hordes of so called barbarian Muslims will invade the country; mainly they just want to be left alone and that you leave their countries. Nobody likes to be invaded, physically or culturally.
  2. rwatson
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    rwatson Senior Member

    That is very true ..

    ... but I am not convinced of that. The invasion has already started.
  3. BPL
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    BPL Senior Member

    Does Mexico have good quality health care too?
    Lots of land and beautiful coastline. Hot, but tolerable climate. Dirt cheap prices last time I was there except in the resort towns for foreigners.
  4. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    Any group that imigrates in mass and refused to embrace the new culture, becomes an invading force. look up Yugoslavia and get back to us. The results of ethnically based invasions are almost always violent.
  5. longcours62
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    longcours62 Junior Member

    I think

    You are asking of the Kosovo example, where 70 years ago the habitant was mainly (by far !) Serbian and where years after years became a minority pusched outside their country.
    Sinc this days far more Serbians was killed in Kosovo than Palestinians ,but nobody said nothing concerning the Kosovo (at less here in France/Europe) .
    Where is the next step ...France ? Actualy in France 93% of the Muslims vote for Socialist and few month before the Tunisians who are living in France vote at 70% for the islamists.
    It could be interresting to take a time, and thinking the near future:confused:
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    FAST FRED Senior Member

    "and Rambo didn't have a quad 50."

    He couldn't pick it up with out a fork lift , and that is not as MACHO as hand held.

  7. longcours62
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    longcours62 Junior Member

    May be a good 'base' for a conception of a "Doomsday Boat" :

    A boat far stronger than any boat of this size, amazing structure and plating thickness, selfrigthing, autonomy for year in diesel and food if some sail plan for help or "just in case' it could be the good base for "doomsday boat" , not ?
    A boat like this could survive at some 'big troubles'....

  8. SheetWise
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    SheetWise All Beach -- No Water.

    It's a gorgeous boat, a template for my dream boat ...
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