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    This was sent to me just a few days ago. It is PAINFUL to watch:!: :!:

    This is some of the most graphic and disgusting footage I've seen in quite some time. It is beyond disturbing and makes me sick. Hopefully this petition will help stop it.

    Dear Friends and lovers of the ocean,
    Sometimes the ocean needs our help, and this is one of them,
    To view the video is very disturbing, to not act in stopping such behaviour would be a travesty ...

    At the very least please sign this online petition. Lovers of the ocean and it's inhabitants - this is a clear call to action...... To do nothing is to approve of it.

    Please take the time to look at the video and sign the online petition. From little things, big things grow........

    And then send it on to as many like minded people that you know. If we build the numbers, we will be heard eventually and things will change, one way or the other

    Please help! We must change the way people think about their oceans and inhabitants for the good of us all.

    Captain Tim Dean

    Calypso Fishing Adventures

    Click on links below:

    The video -

    The petition -
  2. Mikey
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    That is sad, a disturbing act made by disturbed people, petition signed and links passed on to all my Swedish friends
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    not so much a distubing act,,people need to eat ,this is ancient japanees way,,, it has 2 benifits for the japanees fisherman ,,it eliminats preditor that eats his fish ,,and feeds his people,,just like in ohio when we hunt deer,,it is just a brutal fact of life ,for a Island nation with no room to grow crops or graze cattle ,,,,,,,, perhaps thing will change ,,,im not for it, and I dont approve of it ,but I understand it.....longliner
  4. Ari
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    Ari Patience s/o Genius

    Dolphin Massacre?

    Any slaughter house will have blood sprayed everywhere, be them for buffalo, cows, pig, chicken, tuna, dolphin or human being(showed on tv news everynight). I'm not Japanese and not fond of them and dolphin is not in my menu but beef and chicken is. I had work in slaughter house before and the scenario is more or less the same.Should we ban killing of tuna and other fish? big blue tuna are bigger than the dolphin, anchovy?During the mad cow disease how many millions cow shot dead and dump in England, o.k exported to Australia I heard. The bird flu issue - H5N1 virus, millions of birds killed and dump. At least the Japanese are eating it.Not just dumping it because it is not suitable for human consumption.It is their food.Maybe we should take Buddha advise and become vegitarian.:confused:
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  5. Frosty

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    Thats an interesting point anout the thousands of cattle destroyed during the mad cow desease. However I think that the desease could be passed on with consumtion of said meat.

    On the other hand bird flu --we are told will not, and if cooked correctly can be eaten as normal.

    Would it have cost so much more money to have processed the birds and given a hell of a lot of food to the starving in Africa and other places.

    Obviously the enormous ammount of meat could not be sold on the Uk market or the price of meat would drop,--couldnt have that, could we?

    I saw footage of the British throwing onto a fire live chickens ,some were trying to fly away whilst on fire.

    The japaneese massacre was badly narated and exagerated. The Dolphins were not hacked to death while still alive as said . They were however blead to death by cutting the throat, an accepable and neccesary death especially in the Muslim faith.

    It is not a nice movie but death isnt. Have you ever seen a wilderbeast be eaten alive by Hiena's. They dont kill like a lion. Its happening as we speak and has done for thousands of years.

    I have to stand with Longliner.
  6. Raggi_Thor
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    I didn't look at the pictures, but I tend to agree with Ari.
    A photo series or a movie from a slaughter house will also be very disturbing. Still most people eat meat. Eating a reindeer or a seal that had a happy life until the last minute is for me less disturbing than eating a chicken or a pig that never saw daylight and never was able to move.
  7. brian eiland
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    From another Forum

    Cultural Differences

    I followed the link and was just absolutely horrified by what I saw. I will sign the petition, as well as pass this e-mail to every single person in my address book in addition to posting this on every forum I have ever submitted to.

    While I in no way condone what the Japanese do as far as it concerns their fishing practices, I have to remain mindful that their culture is very different from ours in respect to how they view and place importance upon the lives of other creatures. I imagine that if you were to look at their situation without feeling/emotion, you might draw the conclusion that they are doing what they can to feed themselves in spite of very little in the way of natural resources due to their relatively tiny land mass.

    I have actually seen worse from the Japanese (and to any of you who wish to chastise me for making an ethnic sterotype as you read this please understand what I am about to write of is considered a delicacy in Japan). I am really into food and was watching a program about food in Japan. In this program they showed some folks at a restaurant order the house specialty-- deep fried cat! Did they go and get a dead, skinned gutted cat from the fridge to fry? No, of course not, they need this delicacy to be fresh, so they do the following: they went to a cage with a bunch of cats in it, armed with a stick with razor blades attached to the end; they swing the weapon and strike a cat in the head; as soon as they have struck the cat enough times to incapacitate it they skin it and then throw it into the fryer. I almost vomited watching this-- the show was VERY graphic. It just shows that the Japanese have very, very little regard for life other than human life.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I am not a member of PETA, not a vegetarian or a vegan. No, I don't agree with people eating cats, dogs, whales, dolphins, or animals that our culture has domesticated and used for our personal enrichment. However, I do understand that the cows I so love and bloodthirstily devour are revered in Hindu religion, and that there are other examples I could state. The point is this-- if you have to kill an animal for survival, do it with some measure of respect. In the case of this video, if you have to kill dolphins, which totally ticks me off, then at least have the decency to grab a shotgun and put a slug into the poor little guys brain, right out of the water-- don't drag it on the street behind your ****** little truck, slash it open like your koshering it, then let it writhe anround in agony while it simultaneously suffocates and bleeds out-- that is just downright barbaric.

    I bet if any of them every had the pleasure of sharing a wave with a dolphin, as I have on many occasions they would think differently. Who knows-- maybe surfing is the answer.
  8. kach22i
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    For what good it will do, I signed it and posted it in two car forums for others to see.
  9. fiberglass jack
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    i agree with longliner, its a way of life, how many cows per day are slaughtered for burgerking, how many chickens for kfc , just because some one found out that dolphins can communicate with humans and they look pretty and cute, so can a cat if u dont dump its litter it will talk to you, its food caught from the wild, let them catch and eat dolphin if they want, we have the same crap here in canada with the seal hunts, seal taste good i have no problem with someone killing for food,
  10. kach22i
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    Use of that word indicates a quick and efficient if not mercyful ending, as you can see in the video it's nothing like that for the dolphins.
  11. Roly
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    I don't share your apathy.

    It is a way of life that is not evolving to meet the needs of the planet and our (human) future. If we have one.
    Personally, I love life, but not when I witness barbaric butchery on this scale, to such a magnificient sea mammal.
    Our time has noble people, and noble deeds,but these are way out numbered by viscious,violent & avaricious acts towards each other,and other species we should nurture & respect.
    These people haven't evolved and it is to our detriment.

    The Japanese & others will fish our seas lifeless.

    BTW. I will kill to eat.Not dolphins,pets or animals man has a historical affinity with;And not more than I need.
    I see "big game" fishing like drunks in a brewery. The thrill of the chase....bollocks....why don't you show your balls and free dive with a speargun for your "sport". 'Cos you are too damn *****. Or fat & lazy.
  12. Raggi_Thor
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    Hunting for food is acceptable, isn't it?
    What about bull fights in Spain? That's much more disturbing for me, very slowly kill the bull, just for fun/sport/show.
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    I got this in the mail a few months ago.
    made me physically ill.
    I don't need to watch that one again.

    Signed the petition, for whatever good these things do (I can't think of a single petition I have signed that has ever come about?).

    Killing is one thing, and killing dolphins is something I disagree with- but in particular, killing them in the way that they did here... to drag them up onto the cement, to cut their throats and leave them thrashing on the ground dying slowly in agony and stress...that was just disgusting.
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  14. hansp77
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    no offence,
    but have you watched the video yet?

    You might want to.
    Bull fights disturb me too,
    but nothing like this did.

  15. westlawn5554X
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    westlawn5554X STUDENT

    Killing special fishes for food is good but dolphin is the enemies of shark they keep the activity of shark at bay but dolphin also enemies of fishermen as the dolphin group kill skoal of fishes in the sea. So... what ya think? Havent try dolphin sandwich?

    Control killing is better than illegal mass fishing of dolphin...

    I had let loose a dolphine before the one my uncle try to make into dinner and he was quite mad... so we had octopus that faithful nite and had toothache.

    Hans77 look in the bright side... throatcutting make it Halal...
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