Dolly Varden

Discussion in 'Materials' started by arcadiainc, Jan 6, 2008.

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    Always wanted to build a strip boat. Never seen but a few and I am always struck by their beauty. Weston Farmer's Dolly Varden in the fifteen foot version would go nicely with an almost new(?) 1970 Johnson 9.5hp that I was fortunate enough to obtain. The boat would be used primarily in the Gulf of Mexico (Florida panhandle). I live in the very deep south. My question to the forum is: What type of local wood should I use? Locally available are cypress, cedar, oak, poplar, long leaf yellow pine and pecan. Cypress is the traditional wood used for pond boats. Other woods are available from time to time. Anyone's experience/advice will be welcomed.:?:
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    cypress or juniper,good for salt and fresh ,,,,,never rotts,,what part of the panhandle ? longliner
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