Dolfi 10 m (32,4') : a modern daysailer to enjoy classic sailing

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    Dolfi wants to be in the tradition of fine elegant keelboats with a small cabin, inaugurated by the Skerry cruisers in the 1920s, which has produced very popular monotypes like Hai and Malar, and of which sailing specific qualities remain highly appreciated by amateurs. Dolfi offers a renewed version of this program, with a more modern hull and sail plan, with the comfort of a larger cockpit and of a cabin with sanitary, for day sailings and when occured for weekend for 2 people. Dolfi hull, with a length of 9.90 m (32,5') for a width of 2.4 m (7,9'), shows classic lines and slenderness proper to this tradition.

    I am pleased to share with you the project file here attached, many thanks in advance for your interest and your comments.

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